End of Year, Personal (and inter-island) Challenge, Upcoming Events

Aloha Hawaii Masters;
Just a quick December Update: End of Year, Personal (and inter-island) Challenge, Upcoming Events, including a 2010 Query from Malcolm & Janet…

Another year is almost past … and we’re all staying youg(er than we’d be without swimming).
Don’t forget to re-register to stay young(er) and fit(ter).

The Brute Squad www.brutesquadswim.com is a USMS Postal event where you swim a 200 Fly, 400 IM and 1650 in one 24-hour period. Get times with a counter, fill in the form, and you can get a “Brute Squad” t-shirt for $25 or a hoodie for $35. You’ve got to December 31 to send in results.
The Brute Squad is not for everyone ... but if you think you might be able to ... why not give it a try! Call it a tough workout. Do the 200 Fly and 400 IM to get going ... and finish with a mile (1650) [drink water first to prevent cramping up at 1400 yds(!). Or try the 1650 first after a warm-up to see what you can do (just a 30 min swim or less for most of you). Then try the 400 IM ... comfortable pace. And survive the 200 Fly if you've got anything less. (Remember, you can hang on the wall at each 25 if you need to ... just keep the swim, touches and push offs legal.)
I had one swimmer go guerilla on me at practice this morning. Instead of the posted practice ... she just started swimming on her own as a personal challenge for herself just to finish it ... no times, no worries about one-hand touches ... just knowing she did it. And for many or most of us, isn't that what it's all about?
I’m challenging the other islands to do better than Maui … Official entries, timed watched entries, or guerilla entries … have your coaches send to me: malcolmwhy@yahoo.com. I’ll post the official or Unofficial Brute Squad results on our www.hawaiimastersswim.org/meetresults.html website. 2009 Brute Squad swims in Hawaii

The Loong Swim (Waikiki Double Roughwater) is a sanctioned event this Sunday Dec 6, 2009. Waikiki. Kaimana Beach to Ala Wai Harbor Buoy and back. 7km. [active] Entry Form.

Karlyn Pipes-Neilson is in the process of getting a sanction for a pool meet on Big Isle early next year.

We need some commitment: Janet Renner and I would like to offer March 5-6-7: a clinic Friday, SCM swim meet(short events) Saturday in Kihei, and follow that with the “Swim for Heart” 1 mile ocean swim Sunday morning. But we need to know we’ll get enough people to make it worthwhile. Contact Janet (jkrenner@earthlink.net) or me (malcolmwhy@yahoo.com) PLEASE soon.

And don’t forget the Killer Quad: 1-hour swim Halloween, 5000 Thanksgiving, 7500 Xmas, 10,000 New years … sounds like fun?

--Malcolm Cooper
Hawaii Masters General Chair