USMS & MMSC Memberships

USMS membership is required ($60 Annual). To register, visit

Everyone participating in Maui Masters swim practices and events must be registered with USMS. This provides the insurance that is a condition of using the County pools. New swimmers will be asked to show proof of membership. All current swimmers must renew their membership by January 1 of each year.

USMS membership provides:
* the insurance that allows us to use the pool
* Swimmer Magazine (the magazine of Masters swimmers)
* an online tool to track your workouts (swimming & otherwise) during the year &
* when traveling, the nationally valid registration is needed when you visit masters clubs around the country (look up "places to swim" on site).


1. Register or renew your USMS membership at

2. Download and fill out the 2020 MMSC Membership form at right.

3. Submit the form as well as $24 annual dues payment via cash or check to the coach on deck or mail to our club address:
MMSC PO Box 696 Puunene HI 96784

NOTE: Annual dues for USMS and MMSC do not include the workout fees for practices at the pools. The workout fees cover the payments our club makes to the County of Maui for use of the pool and payment for our coaches. For information on workout fees, please email mmsc808 at